Healing Crystals & Guidance

The best Crystals for the Bedroom

Here is a breakdown of the most powerful crystals to have in our bedroom and sleeping spaces.

Valentine's Day 2021 Healing Crystal Gift Guide
We put together a Valentines Day gift guide for those who need a little guidance on the perfect gift!
The Ultimate Guide to Healing Crystals- their purpose and how to use them
  The entire world is made of energy. Each person and every object is vibrating at different frequencies. When we are happy, we emit high energy frequencies; when we are down or burnt out we emit low energy frequencies. Your...
What are the benefits of crystal healing?
The popularity of crystal healing is due to the belief of people in ancient practices that involved rocks, gemstones and crystals as a way of balancing energy. Healers pick crystals because they find them suitable for the condition of every person. Healers prefer to place them near or on the energy centers or chakras to create balance.
How to use crystals to help heal yourself and other?
Did you know that you can use crystal to help treat your ailments? Healing Others with Crystals Most crystal healers place the stone on the different parts of the body to heal the patient’s soul, mind and body. If you...
Types of crystals and their healing powers
The initial reference of using crystals for medication was found on Egyptian papyrus. It was written around 1600 BC. Throughout the centuries, the method of healing with the use of gemstones has continued. Healing crystals can be carried in your...
What is Crystal Healing?
Crystal healing is a typical form of treatment that uses gemstones or crystals. The crystals are often placed on a certain area of the body called “chakras”.
Chakra is a Hindu word, which means spiritual energy. According to various researches, there are seven fundamental energy centers in the human body. 
What are the best crystals to help anxiety and stress
  Stress and Anxiety have been at an all time high. In fact, mental health professionals have seen an over 60% increase in people seeking help managing anxiety and negative thoughts. At times all we need is a few minutes...
How to program and recharge your crystals
  In order to get the most benefit from your crystal you need to program them. Intention and focus are the two of the most essential aspects to consider when programming crystals. These include healing, activation of chakras and protection. Even...
How to Manifest your goals using crystals

The power of crystals are infinite when coupled with manifestation or intention setting.

Have you ever wanted something so badly? You repeated it in your head over and over again? You created 'vision boards' and spoke it into existence? 

And then boom your desire actually become reality?

Well that is called MANIFESTATION

What Crystals Have Healing Powers?

Get to know which Crystals have healing powers that can help you.

There is a huge variety of healing crystals that can provide healing powers that relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and help with grief, loneliness and even focus and creativity. Let's get to know the most popular & widely used.