How to Manifest your goals using crystals


The power of crystals are infinite when coupled with manifestation or intention setting.

Have you ever wanted something so badly? You repeated it in your head over and over again? You created 'vision boards' and spoke it into existence? 

And then boom your desire actually become reality?

Well that is called MANIFESTATION.

'The action of  manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief, i.e. if you think it, it will come'...The law of attraction.

Adding crystals to your manifestation efforts can help work as an anchor for your most powerful desires and intentions.

Crystal can both hold on to energy and give off energy.

'Charging your crystals with your deepest desires can help propel your intentions into reality. Every time you hold on to your crystal or carry it with you while simultaneously speaking your goals into the universe you help to cement that anchor. 

In addition holding your crystal or carrying it around will serve as a reminder to open up your heart and mind to ALLOW the universe to attract the very things you desire.

Although the power of crystals are not 'Magic', they can work as a tool of deep spiritual connection and inspiration.


Now that you know about the power of manifestation coupled with the power of crystals, let's go into which crystals work best with any given desired intention.

One of the most desired properties is LOVE. The desire of companionship. Someone to have and to hold. A life partner or even attracting your 'kindred spirit'

Rose Quartz is specifically called the "Love crystal' as it has a very strong effect on our emotions and all matters of the heart. It has a strong connection to the Heart Chakra and has been used for centuries to help open ones mind to love and sooth negative influences.

Aside from love, money and abundance is another strong desire for many people.

Use Citrine to attract abundance to you. Citrine works in the third Chakra. This crystal helps to burst thru any blockages or negative attributes which are weighing you down effectively allowing you to be open to receiving the universes abundant gifts.

Do you feel weighed down? You are super stress and feel like everything is just coming down on you?

Try manifestation with Clear quarts crystals. Clear quartz encourages clarity. This crystal will aid in providing the light at the end of the tunnel. Clear quartz will help clear the 'fog' and allow you to think clearly. Clear quartz can give you the gift of peace.

How exactly do I charge my crystals with my intentions?

1. Get to a quiet place. A calm and quiet environment

2. Try a quick mediation to help clear your mind and open you heart. Close your eyes and take several deep breath. Breath in for 5 beats and breath out for 5 beats. Repeat as often as needed to release tension.

3. Take your crystal into your hands and repeat your intention. Ask the universe to open the paths to enlightenment, to allow your mind and spirit to be clear. Remove any negative energy from your space and bring your desired intention into your life.

4. Keep your crystal close to you. Hold it and anchor your intentions multiple time a day. Wearing your crystal can be a VERY powerful.

Think about yourself. Do some self reflecting. Are YOUR actions sabotaging you efforts to attract the things in life you desire most.

I truly believe that if you work with a crystal for a 30 day period. Continuously repeating your intentions and manifesting your desire onto the crystal, that you will see a HUGE shift.

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