How to program and recharge your crystals


In order to get the most benefit from your crystal you need to program them.

Intention and focus are the two of the most essential aspects to consider when programming crystals.

These include healing, activation of chakras and protection.

Even if your intention is in your program, you also need to know how to place your program into your stone.

You have to focus when making the program for your crystal.



When programming, you have to ensure that your stone is compatible with the purpose you have in mind. Say for instance, if you want to hold off the negative vibrations coming from your miserable co-workers, you have to use Black Tourmaline or Clear Quartz.


Programming a crystal or any types of gemstone is one way of storing an energy pattern in the stone.

The pattern energy programmed into the stone can be any thought, intention, sound, color, use, emotion or other vibrations. These vibrations can be accessed to restore the energies into their main purpose. If you want to program your crystals, here are the best tips you shouldn’t miss to consider:

Step 1: Clear Your Crystals – Whatever types of crystals and methods you prefer, you have to make them lucid. Then, sit down at your personal altar while holding your crystals. Make sure that you do the programming without any disturbances.

Step 2: Hold Your Crystals Firmly – In holding your crystals, use your right hand and clear your unrelated thoughts in mind. Start concentrating on your intention for effective crystal programming.

Step 3:Focus Your Intention – While programming, you have to focus on your intention. You can do this through saying descriptive words loud and clear. Say for instance, if you opt to program your crystals to bring good health, start repeating the phrase “good health” over and over again. Depending on your choice, you can also whisper it to avoid disturbing other people.

Step 4: Repeat Your Intention Verbally – In repeating your intention, make sure that you are holding your crystals. Never leave your crystals while doing the program. You also need to place your hand over the crystals to drive more vibrations.

Step 5: Keeping Holding Your Crystals – As much as possible, repeat the steps for several times. When your intuition tells you that the crystals have acquired the vibrations, open your hand slowly and thank your crystals.

After following these procedures, the crystals will now be fully programmed.  

To recover and use the crystal’s program, grasp and rub the crystal while asking for its programming to be discharged, and those energies will just come out.

Methods of Programming Your Crystals with Meditation

Programming your crystals can be done in multiple methods. 

1. Meditation with Visualization - Meditation is the usual method of programming crystals. To perform this method, you have tosit in a peaceful surrounding. Then, think about your ultimate purpose while holding the stone.

2. Meditation with Breath - The process with the previous is the same. However, it requires several twists. When you feel that you are in established meditative condition, stay focused and blow your crystals.

3. Meditation with Reiki and Other Energy Techniques – In this method, you have to relax and place your crystals in your hands. Follow the previous method until the energy sensations die down in your hands.

There are some believe that after programming the crystals, they will remain in that state for almost 28 days. You can follow the cycle of the moon. Working on full moon nights to help anchor your intentions into the crystal


Follow the same steps you took to program your crystals originally to recharge again and as much as needed.


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