How to use crystals to help heal yourself and other?

Did you know that you can use crystal to help treat your ailments?

Healing Others with Crystals

Most crystal healers place the stone on the different parts of the body to heal the patient’s soul, mind and body. If you are planning to help other people or even your family members, you have to know how to use these crystals.

As your guide, here are the things you need to do to perform crystal healing:

Make a list of the clients’ complaints concerning their health. As much as possible, get the needed crystals that heal those specific issues. Then, have the patient lay on a flat surface which is convenient for them. Make sure that the surrounding is calm through turning off the lights.

See to it that the patients are wearing loose and comfortable clothing. Then, gently put the crystals in the parts of their body wherein they feel any discomfort. Place the crystals on the chest for ailments pertaining to the soul and forehead for dream issues.

While the crystals are layered in the person’s body, start meditating in the room. Simply concentrate on the patient’s ailments and the crystal’s power. You also need to invite the patient to participate in you in meditation. It is said that the more mental energy flowing in the crystals, the more powerful they are.

To know more how to use these crystals for healing, here are the step-by-step procedures:

Step 1: Cleansing Procedures
Cleansing is a crucial step when it comes to crystal healing. In this process, the crystals would try to eliminate the energy blockages that can be the cause of severe ailment. The crystal needs to be in contact with the patient.

Each week, the crystals must be placed in direct sunlight. This can cleanse and recharge the energy of the crystals. During the first week, the crystals will be making the most adjustments to the energy field of the patients. This is also the period that when the matrix is being matched to the energy of the user.

Every practitioner has a specific method for cleansing. Some prefer the smudging method, a process involving a crystal in white sage smoke until it is cleaned while others use sacred water to perform a definite ritual.

Step 2: Harmonizing and Integrating Process
The observed changes in the first step include the patient’s emotional, physical and mental being. Aside from these developments, other changes will occur once you choose to undergo with this type of healing process. The reason behind these changes is the toxins that are being flushed out of the body.

Step 3: Stability
In this step, the changes are already accepted by the body. Then, the body becomes stable due to these changes. A stabilized body means that your body can survive the pressure and insensitive environment even without your healing crystals. However, the stabilized stage may subside and you have to put on your healing crystals to restore your health’s condition again.

How to Use Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing can’t completely heal your medical problems. However, it can work wonderfully as an addition to more conventional healing practices.

For example if you are very anxious while waiting for an invasive medical procedure your can use your crystal to help re-center yourself and keep your mind calm down while waiting for your doctor to arrive.

The body has a powerful method of self-healing. If you opt to use these crystals for healing, refer to the following as your guide:

Pick a gemstone, crystal or rock that perfectly fits for your health condition. 

Refer to our previous post for guidance as to which crystal work best for each ailment

Cleanse the crystal using your desired method. This can help in getting rid of any negative energies or vibrations. The best cleaning is leaving the stone in three days and three nights under the full moon.

Leave the crystals where you can relax such as in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the bedroom.

Through this, you can associate the gemstone with soothing times.

Remember to use your crystals in the way your intuition tells you.

You can carry these crystals in your pocket, wear them or place in your purse as a constant soothing reminder of your healing journey.


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