The best Crystals for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a deeply personal and intimate space where energy and  harmony is essential to feeling safe and comfortable. We tend to strip our outward personas and sink into our truest self. 
To gather this peaceful environment we use several different elements which speak to our senses;  décor, scent, color.
We are often at our most vulnerable in our bedrooms, sleep, interacting with our partners and experiencing a range of emotions related to our day to day lives and relationships.
Gain some control over the energy that enters and manifests in your bedroom by utilizing the power of crystal magic. There are many applicable crystals that can offer us vibrational assistance for many different bedroom related needs.

Here is a breakdown of the most powerful crystals to have in our bedroom and sleeping spaces.



  • AmethystOne of the most beloved and versatile stones, Amethyst has an intense energy that is known to enhance awareness and help reach higher states of consciousness. Having a piece of amethyst in the bedroom can affect the intensity and spirituality of dreams and can aid in having a deeper understanding of the images witnessed in dream states. Amethyst can also help the user in lucid dreaming. Meditate with amethyst before sleeping and place it either beside the bed or under the pillow for the desired effect.
  • Opal - This white milky stone has the ability to watch over our spiritual bodies in slumber. It has been known to encourage extremely vivid dreams as well as allowing the user to lucid dream. This stone is also excellent if you’re seeking to uncover truths about your subconscious through dreaming. This crystal can be used under the pillow, under the mattress or near the bed
  • Smokey Quartz- To alleviate nightmares, protection is the key and Smoky Quartz is one of the ultimate protective stones. It has a shielding effect against negative energy which makes it ideal for placing under or near the pillow for protection against the visitation of nightmares. As well as absorbing and removing negative energy, Smoky Quartz is known to release a high vibration of positive energy, which helps promote peaceful dreams over chaotic nightmares. Meditate with your smokey quartz before going to sleep and set your intentions within the crystal, asking its energy to provide you a safe and peaceful slumber.
  • Clear Quartz-You really can’t go wrong having a piece of Clear Quartz in any room of your home. Known for intense energy amplification and purification abilities, Clear Quartz in any of its forms is a powerful and deeply cleansing companion to have within the bedroom. This crystal is also wonderful for both emotional and physical healing. Under the pillow, under the mattress, next to the bed or on a windowsill to bathe in the light of the sun/moon are all excellent places for a piece of Clear Quartz to thrive in a space.

Love and Relationships

  • Rose Quartz- Rose Quartz is an incredibly versatile crystal in all manners of the heart. Widely known as an extremely potent crystal that embodies the truest energy of love. Bring absolute unconditional love and compassion into your relationship by using Rose Quartz and utilize this sweet stone when more tenderness and harmony are desired in a relationship. Rose Quartz is also ideal for when you’re looking to attract new romantic love into your life. In either situation, placing Rose Quartz beside the bed or under the mattress is perfect. It has the ability to replace negative and self-destructive energy with loving vibrations and is particularly effective in promoting self-love and self-confidence. Self-love is the key to attracting love from outside oneself. Rose Quartz is also perfect for those suffering from a broken heart, it has the ability to soothe emotions and can help cleanse the pain caused by a love lost.


  • Opal- Opal is all about the balance between female energy and male energy. This crystal is perfect for stimulating deep and profound sensuality that transcends the physical aspects of sexuality. Opal can help one connect the spiritual aspects of their sexuality and can enhance ones understanding of their sexual selves. Opal is also excellent in improving emotional maturity and promoting healthy manifestations of emotion and communication between you and your sexual partner/partners.
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