Types of crystals and their healing powers

The initial reference of using crystals for medication was found on Egyptian papyrus. It was written around 1600 BC.

Throughout the centuries, the method of healing with the use of gemstones has continued.

Healing crystals can be carried in your pocket and be worn.

These crystals can also be ground into powder and mixed with liquid to drink. Together the fullest benefits of crystal healing, it is essential to pick the right healing crystals that will best meet your needs.

The following are the different types of healing crystals which have the strongest healing properties:


This type of crystal is considered as the master healer. It both protects against and purifies negativity. It also offers balance during the state of transition. This stone has purplish color and recounts to the heart chakra. However, not all amethysts have purplish color. Some have bluish-red color, and they are best for enhancing a spiritual and deep connection between the life’s challenges and inner self. The chevron amethyst, on the other hand, helps in peeling away karmic patterns and enhances spiritual vision and intuition.



This is known as the gentlest stone among the different types of crystals. It has a calming and soothing feature. This crystal healing stone is often used to build up a negative disposition while promoting the patients to take life less seriously. The stone is also used to develop fidelity in every relationship. Crystal healers consider this stone as a self-healing type. It guides the user to have right emotions. Amber is also bet for comforting emotions during post-operative trouble.

Tiger Eye

This is a type of crystal with gold and brown feature. It helps you to be more diligent and focused on what you do. This stone is often recommended for students. It also helps in enhancing your psychic development. Carrying this crystal will also bring you more blessings.


This crystal type is known as the stone of tranquility. Like amber, it also calms the emotions and maintains peace in the community. This stone can also offer a sense of self-worth and self-sufficiency. It can help the users in dealing with their situation. Generally, jade enhances harmony, tranquility and balance through emotional impassiveness. For healing functions, this stone is effective for recovery after having an undesired experience like job loss, funeral or divorce.


According to crystal experts, moonstone is often associated with strengthening intuition. It also opens the mind to several possibilities. This stone also invites personal change and growth. If you are inflexible and impulsive, moonstone can greatly help. This sky-blue stone can sharpen your concentration and help you prevent any distractions. It is also believed that it can improve one’s emotional vision and creative ability.


This stone is believed to calm the nervous system and to develop the mood of users. Most crystal healers believe that Aquamarine is also perfect for healing toothache, liver disorders, throat pain and stomach problem. Most sailors prefer to carry this stone for protection.



The clear quartz crystal is a conductor of energy, acting both as a transmitter and receiver. If you keep this stone, you will be protected from any outside negative vibrations. This crystal provides harmony and can take good care of your health. Studies show that there are different types of quartz. Each of them has their respective functions.

The rose quartz is connected with emotions and love.

Smoky quartz, on the other hand, is believed to secure the users against negative energies.

Quartz crystal is considered as the most well-known type. Its transparency and clarity gives it a mirror quality through which things can be viewed clearly.


This crystal is effective in treating stress. It can also heal infections and is perfect in combating viruses. Fluorite restores the skin and helps in treating wounds and ulcers. It also regenerates the mucus membranes in the respiratory tract. Blue fluorite is considered as the best crystal type for treating nose, throat, eye and ear problems. Green fluorite, on the other hand, is best for stomach disorders, infections and cramps. For bone marrow and bone disorders, purple and violet fluorite is an excellent choice. If you want to release toxins from your body or achieve a healthy liver, having a yellow fluorite is advised.


This crystal type is used for all blood-related problems in your body. It can help detoxify your blood, kidneys, liver and spleen. This dark green stone with sprinkled red spots can also improve your blood circulation.



Its function is the same with bloodstone. It can detoxify your liver and blood. This stone can also help you relieve your lower back pain, cramps and arthritis. It can also help in relieving the symptoms of allergies. Wearing red and orange stone as a pendant or ring will also give you confidence and a great feeling.

What is the Best Crystal?

Since there are several types of healing crystals, you have to pick the right choice. Not all crystals are created equal. If you are planning to have these crystals, make sure that you consult expert practitioners first. Some healers claim that some crystals have remarkable effects on the digestive system while others are essential for restoring the reproductive system.

Whatever type of ailment you have, there is a corresponding healing crystal that will suit your condition. 


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