Valentine's Day 2021 Healing Crystal Gift Guide

Valentines Day is just around the corner! Sometimes worrying about getting the perfect gift for a loved one can be overwhelming, but not to worry.

We put together a Valentines Day gift guide for those who need a little guidance on the perfect gift! Our Healing Crystals are the perfect gift for those wanting to give beautiful authentic jewelry while promoting love, positivity and over all good vibes. 

This guide will help save you time on searching for the perfect gift, so you can spend that time with your loved ones.

Gems under $30

Adorable gifts that are in your budget! Here are our favorite under $30 Bullet Necklace. They're dainty, perfect for everyday - and the best part is, they're affordable!

Natural Crystal Healing bullet Necklaces

For the trendsetter

These are must have pieces for those who like to stay up to date on what is in style. Trendy and Modern layered necklace styles are a great gift option.


For the romantic

Nothing shows you care more than a sentimental gift featuring our Favorite LOVE stone, Rose Quartz

For the Modern minimalist

These are the perfect gifts for those who love simplicity. They can wear these beautiful and modern classic hoop earrings. Featuring a natural healing crystal nugget.


Not sure what to give to a loved one still? Shoot us an email at and we can help you with the perfect gift :)

Happy happy shopping!

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