What are the benefits of crystal healing?

The use of gemstones or crystals in healing is continuously increasing.

In fact, others use it as a traditional Western medicine treatment. Even if there is lack of medical studies proving the healing properties to crystals, most people use them to deal with a variety of illnesses and diseases.

Functions of Crystal Healing

The popularity of crystal healing is due to the belief of people in ancient practices that involved rocks, gemstones and crystals as a way of balancing energy. Healers pick crystals because they find them suitable for the condition of every person. Healers prefer to place them near or on the energy centers or chakras to create balance.

Benefits of Crystal Healing

Most people use crystals for relieving pain, stress and symptoms of diseases. Other crystals also have the ability to treat conditions like arthritis, insomnia, depression and anxiety. Some individuals undergo regular crystal healing sessions along with the use of traditional medical treatments. After undergoing crystal healing, some patients reported that they experienced enhanced vitality and improved awareness of their body and mental acuity.

Specific Crystals with Health Benefits

Aside from the abovementioned benefited, there are different crystals that are best for treating your ill body parts. These crystal types include the following:

Beryl – This stone can clear your throat and help in improving your liver functions
Citrine – Helps in developing your blood circulation
Emerald –This fights insomnia and offers enough sleep
Sapphire – This stone can make your skin healthier

Topaz –This helps in eliminating varicose veins
Sodalite – This stone helps in making your blood pressure in the normal range


Effects of Crystal Healing

People who regularly undergo a session of crystal healing report multiple improvements in their emotional and physical health. Some people claim that they have experienced a sense of weightlessness, like they are lifted from the ground. On the other hand, others experienced several energy centers tingling or heating up in their body. During sessions, some individuals fall asleep or enter a state of deep meditation. Some patients also reported that they felt even better as compared before.

Crystal Healing Time Frame

Crystal healing works differently depending on the patients and their conditions. Some individuals are required to undergo only one session, while others are recommended to undergo crystal healing on a weekly basis to experience relief from pain and stress. However, an ordinary course of therapy lasts for up to three sessions.

Crystal healing can be a very powerful when combined with traditional healing practices.

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