What Crystals Have Healing Powers?

Get to know which Crystals have powers that can help you.

Natural crystals can provide healing powers that relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and help with grief, loneliness and even promote self-love, focus and creativity.

Whilst healing Crystals are very much individual to the user and many users find solace in a variety of different types, let's get to know some of the most popular stones, their uses and what powers they possess.

Crystals are pretty, there's no doubting their beauty. But are they powerful? Can they heal?

As an alternative medicine, there is little harm that can be done by surrounding yourself with these beautiful, naturally occurring crystals. Recently there's been an increase in their use which indicates that people are out there looking for help.

There are a number of different types of crystals and each is packed full of different individual healing abilities to cleanse the mind, body and soul. The core idea of healing crystals is that they promote the flow of good energy and help to rid the body and mind of negative influences. Clearing pathways for positivity and light. 

Let's take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the more popular crystals and go through their healing properties.

Clear Quartz

The 'master healer', Clear Quartz is adaptable to you and your energy. Amplifying energy by absorbine, storing and releasing energy. This regulating stone aids with concentration and memory. Clear Quartz is often paired with it's pink counterpart - Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz

This is the 'Love Stone'. Restoring harmony in relationships and improving connection, it can also be a key stone to be used in grief and overcoming difficult times in family stress.
Rose Quartz can also help with love for oneself, encouraging self-love, respect and trust.


This beautiful purple stone is said to be protective, healing and cleansing. Helping to remove and purify negative thoughts, bringing about humility and sincerity. As the stone is calming, its main benefits are anxiety and stress - relieving pain internally and externally.


The deep mysterious black of Obsidian helps to shield the owner of this stone from physical and emotional negativity. Intensely protective, it's said to find a true sense of self and promote strength and clarity to find compassion.


The colour of sunshine and sunsets, Citrine can bring joy, wonder and light to all areas of your life. It helps to relieve negativity and replace it with optimism, motivation and clarity. It helps to enhance mindfulness - great for those looking to be more creative.


This stunning naturally formed bright blue stone has spiritual powers to heal the mind, body and the soul. It's seen by many as a good luck charm and balances emotions.

Tiger's Eye

The rich brown-golden hues of Tiger's Eye boost motivation and power. If you struggle with self-doubt, Tiger's Eye helps to rid the body of anxiety, fear and self doubt. Great for big life changes and career moves.


Commonly found in green and purple hues, this beautiful stone is cleansing and removing chaos from the mind to replace it with order. An excellent learning aid, Fluorite can increase our powers of concentration, self-confidence and decision making.

How To Select A Crystal

First, you must identify what your true feelings are. What is missing? What do you struggle with? Do you have a defined goal? Do not look to others for answers, they are within yourself.

The next step would be to find a compatible stone that can offer healing powers that align with your goals. Using your intuition is a great way to decide. What appeals to you physically? What looks beautiful to you? Usually what you are drawn to is what is right for you.

How To Make Crystals Part of Your Life

If you're a little sceptical about crystals, you need to open your mind up to allowing them to work for you. Resisting their power will mean you see no benefits.

The easiest way to try crystals and make them part of your life is to incorporate them into your every day. Jewellery is the perfect way to do this. Beautiful Necklaces and Earrings are simple ways to wear crystals every day and feel their healing, powerful properties.

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