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Check out on our store is easy and simple - we've minimized the amount of information that you'll need to enter and checking out should be a breeze.

If you've got any specific requests or information you need to tell us about - please add this in the Order Note box on the cart page.



Our stores primary currency is the United Stated Dollar ($US). This means that all transactions are processed in USD. We recently added functionality to the site to allow worldwide shoppers to check out in any currency. This means that when you visit our site, you should see the prices of items in your home currency rather than in $US. If for some reason they're not showing in your currency, you can change that with the currency converter at the bottom left of every page.

The restrictions of enabling the functionality of check out in multiple currencies is that you must check out using Credit Card (almost all cards are supported) to be charged in your own currency. If you use PayPal or Afterpay/Klarna (Buy Now Pay Later) you will be charged in $US and currency conversion fees may be added to your transaction by either PayPal or Afterpay/Klarna.
Unfortunately these charges are out of our control and we will not offer discounts or refunds for such charges. We suggest you check out using Card Payment to avoid them.


Bank Fees or Other Charges

We have actively worked to make sure that shopping at Natural Quartz Co. is as easy as possible - this means that we accept a huge range of different card types, including American Express and all major credit cards.
We offer checkout in all formats in USD to make it easier for our biggest customer base which prefer to use USD as their check out currency. By doing this, we have taken on all fees for conversion ourselves at our side and do not pass any fees or extra charges on to you for processing your payments.

Unfortunately there may be some bank charges that are out of our control - these may be charged to you after your purchase. Such charges should be taken up directly with your card provider or bank. We are willing to support you in any claims that you wish to raise with these providers but we will not refund or take responsibility for such charges.


If you have any problems with check out or with currency or payment, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us: